Hawaii (and the US-Japan Leadership Program)

I highly recommend the concept of being in Hawaii in February.  (Yes, that absolutely was an exercise in gloating.)  I was there for an executive committee meeting of the US-Japan Leadership Program, and Jim and I stayed a few extra days afterwards to enjoy paradise (aka Hawaii).  We stayed in Honolulu, as we think the best restaurants and museums on the islands are there.  (Restaurant reviews to follow.)

Our children were offered the option of missing a week of school to join us, but our daughter decided she’d be missing too much school that way and opted not to go.  I am not certain whether to be pleased at the responsibility she demonstrated or appalled at the fact that she turned down a trip to Hawaii.  I’m still pondering that one.  Our son, who would have happily missed a week of school to go to Hawaii, is still rather miffed that he couldn’t go, thanks to his older sister.

The USJLP executive committee meeting went quite well, and I think we have a fabulous group of new delegates for the program.  It should be a lively group in Japan this summer when they meet up.  It was also really wonderful to see everyone on the executive committee again.  They are a great group of people (and have an incredible capacity for beer and sake).

But the really lovely thing about Hawaii is its incredible natural beauty.  (Jim would say that the natural beauty of the Hawaii residents isn’t bad either.)  We hiked Diamondhead in the early morning so that we could see the sunrise up there.  And, of course, there are miles of beautiful beaches and ocean.

This is the view from Diamondhead:

Diamondhead at sunrise

Diamondhead at sunrise

And this is the view from our (upgraded) hotel room:

view from the Halekulani

view from the Halekulani

A big thank you to my parents, who were willing to fly out from southern California (where it’s sunny and warm) to watch the kids while we were gone (where it was neither sunny nor warm).

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