Mamma Mia!

We took the kids to see Mamma Mia! (the musical) a couple of weeks ago at the National Theatre in Washington, DC.  It was a fun production with a very good cast, all of whom looked like they were having a lot of fun.  The lead character (the mother), in particular, had a lovely voice, and the physical humor was quite well done.

The innuendo appeared to go over the head of the 12 year old son (and I comfort myself with the knowledge that if he has any questions about anything in the musical, he will ask Jim and not me).  The 15 year old daughter understood most of the innuendo, of course, but since she knows everything about everything (because she’s a teenager), it’s all good.

The daughter has now also turned into a Mamma Mia/ABBA fan.  I’m not entirely sure this is a positive development, but as with adolescence, I am sure that this, too, shall pass.

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