(Almost) Completed Renovations

It’s been a while since I’ve done a house renovation update, and I wish I could say that no news is good news… We still aren’t done with the renovations <sigh>, but there is progress.  We have moved upstairs, as all of the bedrooms and bathrooms are about 99% finished.  Each bedroom now has its own bathroom, which makes our 13 year old VERY happy.  And, now with an actual bedroom, she can shut the door on her brother when he is annoying (which, evidently, is most of the time).

Here’s the 13 year old’s room:

peipei's roompeipei's bathroom

Here’s the 10 year old’s room:

weiwei's room


Here’s the master bedroom (with a sitting room and an exercise room) and bathroom:

sitting rooms

master bedroom

master bathroommaster bathroom

The main floor is still not done, as they are installing bookshelves in the new study and the kitchen still has some work to be done.

We’re very pleased with how the house has turned out, but a bit disappointed about how long it’s taken.  (I know, I know, it always takes longer than you think, but this has REALLY taken longer than we thought.)  Given that school starts in less than a month, and we don’t have any of our fall “stuff,” it would be helpful for the house to be finished soon and all of our things from storage returned.  If I sound cranky, it’s because I am a little (shocking, I know).  I had hoped that we would have the summer—a relatively slow period in our lives—to unpack and sift through our things.  Having to do it in the fall, when our lives our chaotically busy, is not ideal.  That being said, without an Einsteinian express or an ability to bend the rules of space and time, we are clearly going to be unpacking in the fall.  🙂

And, of course, since I’m mellow and easygoing by nature, you just know that the fall is going to be a fun time to be spending with me as I unpack!

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