Chronicles of the Mole Family, Chapter 13

There is flooring (and paint)!  So, lots of exciting things have been happening inside our house (lots of exciting things have been happening outside our house, too, but that’s not the subject of this blog post).  First, this is a photo of the master bedroom sitting room, and you will note that there is wood flooring laid down and paint color decided.

master br sitting room

Next is a picture of a sky tunnel.  For rooms with no external windows, our contractor decided to snake a large hose (kind of like the type that preschool kids crawl through for fun) from a hole in the roof to the internal room in question to provide natural lighting.  To our amazement, it really works!  This is from one of the kids’ bathrooms.

sky tunnel

This is the tiling in our laundry room, which will be upstairs on the bedroom floor.  We found the walk all the way downstairs with dirty laundry to be SO fatiguing!

laundry room

And, finally, the tiling for the master bathroom shower.

master bathroom shower

Currently, the hope is that we will be able to move into our bedrooms by the end of the month.  Fingers crossed!

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