Chronicles of the Mole Family, Chapter 8

Brick for the new additions laid.  Siding for the new additions in progress.  New-fangled windows installed in the addition.  Replacement of old-fangled windows by the new-fangled windows almost complete.  The exterior is in good shape.

new brick

The work is mainly focused now on the interior, starting with the HVAC and electrical systems.  The geek in me makes me think that the HVAC tubes look like those worms from the Dune series.  (Not that I’ve read any of the series beyond the first one.  I realize that I am probably in a minority of one, but I was both bored and frustrated with the first Dune book and stopped after that, but I digress.)  I have no similar analogy for the wiring for the electrical system.  I guess I could say that the wiring reminds me of the antennae on the Andorians, but that would just identify me as a total geek.

Anyway, here is a photo of what the Dune worms and the Andorian antennae look like.

Dune worms & Andorian antennae

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