The Chronicles of the Mole Family, Chapter 5

We have windows!  I realize that some people might take this state of affairs for granted in their house, but when you have been providing a banner year for your propane company’s revenues by semi-heating a house with huge gaping holes in it, windows are a positive development.  We even have state-of-the-art windows, which are made of a composite material for the exterior frame and wood on the interior frame.  The result is a window that lasts longer, being less susceptible to rotting.  (I am quoting verbatim here, as I do not pretend to know anything at all about windows.)

Here is what the new-fangled windows look like:

new-fangled windows

The exterior framing has been completed (yay!), and the crew is now busy framing the interior.  The foyer will be a 2 story entryway, and the kids’ rooms (including real closets and their own bathrooms) are taking shape.

Here is the bedroom for our 13 year old:

bedroom for child #1

And here is the bedroom for our 10 year old:

bedroom #2

We are thinking about going to a make-your-own-tile place and have each child make a tile that can then be put in their bathrooms.  It will be a nice, personalized touch to add to their rooms.

And did I mention that each of the bathrooms (with the exception of the guest bathroom) will have heated floors??  Naturally, the boys in the family have been completely indifferent to this epic development, while the girls have been dancing jigs of joy at the news.  Clearly, this is an X and Y chromosome differentiator issue.

2 thoughts on “The Chronicles of the Mole Family, Chapter 5

  1. We just went through the same decision making process on the new house and opted for heated toilet seats rather than heated floor. The heated seats also have warm wash and I really don’t know how I’ve survived all these years without.

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