All is Well with the Mole Family

We are extremely fortunate in that Frankenstorm left us relatively unscathed and that we had plenty of warning that it was coming.  Much of the weekend was spent preparing for an extended time without power.  Jim, who was in Tokyo, changed his flight and got back Sunday night (instead of Monday afternoon).  We were all very excited to see him!  I spent most of yesterday doing laundry and getting ready for Frankenstorm’s arrival.

We lost power at about 9:00 pm last night, but our generator kicked in and all the vital functions of the house (heat, refrigerator, well pump (we’re on well water, so when we lose power, we lose water, too), television, etc.) continued to function.  We were in the middle of watching The Avengers when the power went out, and once the generator kicked in, finished watching the movie before going to bed.

Power came back on around noon today.  School was cancelled for a second straight day today but will resume tomorrow.  (Yay!) No major trees down on our property and no damage to our house.  We count ourselves blessed.

Our friends who live in New Jersey and New York have been much less fortunate, and our prayers are with them and the millions of others in the northeast as they start the clean up process.