Monsters University

We are huge Disney fans, as most of you know, and we were all quite eager to see Pixar’s latest offering, Monsters University. While we were mildly disappointed that Pixar chose to release a prequel to a well established hit, it didn’t make us any less eager to see it.
Prequels are sometimes more difficult to make than sequels since the outcome of the movie is pre-determined. For example, you know before you see Monsters University that Sully and Mike are successful scarers. And so, as a result, much of the action in Monsters University is predictable. Nonetheless, the movie does manage to surprise, especially towards the end. And, as with all Pixar movies, the animation is superb and the dialogue is lively and witty, appealing to both children and adults. Some of the secondary characters are a bit two dimensional, but it was certainly fun to see Randall (boo! hiss!) as a college student, and much of the satire about college life was spot on and amusing.
I (and the rest of the family) highly recommend the movie!

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