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We don’t usually manage to get to movies much, as they require we be at a specific place at a specific time for two plus hours, and that is usually too much for our schedule to accommodate.  Even when we get to the movie theatre, we rarely see anything that is not PG-13 or below.  However, yesterday was certainly a bonanza of movie riches.

We took our teenage daughter to see the new James Bond movie, Skyfall.  I am generally a big fan of James Bond movies, and Skyfall was certainly the best Bond movie I’ve seen in several years.  Typically the formula is:  unbelievable action scenes + cool gadgets + beautiful women in various states of undress = successful Bond movie.  Skyfall, however, was a much deeper and more nuanced movie than the typical Bond movie.  It delves into Bond’s past and is a rich (if understated in a typical British way) exploration of the relationship between M and Bond.  Javier Bardem is indescribably creepy as the villain.  The action scenes were excellent, but there is surprisingly little sex (for a Bond movie).  The movie also contains a nice commentary of old-fashioned action versus new-fangled technology.  All in all, it is a more mature and cerebral Bond movie than most.  And while Sean Connery remains my favorite James Bond, Daniel Craig is a worthy successor.  It’s rated PG-13, which is a fair rating.

The kids also saw Wreck-it Ralph, although publicly, we have to say that our daughter didn’t want to see it but agreed to babysit our son through the film.  They both liked it well enough, although our son was much more enthusiastic about it.  I suspect the movie’s target audience is tweens and younger.  Jim and I do want to see it ourselves, but it may have to wait until it comes out on DVD.  The movie is rated PG.

The final movie Jim and I saw was Argo.  The movie is rated R (mostly for use of the “F” word, although, similar to The King’s Speech, the language used is purposeful and not gratuitous).  We plan to take our daughter to see it despite the rating.  It is an excellent movie.  Even though you know how the movie will end, the tension and suspense is overwhelming.  The scenes when they are trying to leave Iran are extremely intense and well-done.  There is some violence (e.g. a man getting shot; mock executions), but most of the violence and threat of violence are implied.  Interestingly enough, it is a surprisingly apolitical movie for a movie that has strong political origins.  I highly recommend seeing it!

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  1. May…just came out of “Rise of the Guardians” with our crew and all of us, parents and kids alike, really enjoyed it. Put it on your Christmas break “to do” list. 🙂

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