Chronicles of the Mole Family, Chapter 10

We have drywall!  Well, on the 2nd floor, we have drywall in all of the bedrooms.  (The main floor still looks like marauding hordes of Vikings have gone through it.)  I have been told by those who know these things that once drywalling starts, everything else falls into place very quickly (painting, flooring, etc.).  I certainly hope that’s true because the large spiders that have been invading our basement recently may be enough to drive me from the premises.  I am not fond of spiders to begin with (they give me serious heebie-jeebies), but I do think it is reasonable for anyone to dislike spiders that are 2-3 inches in diameter.  And the kids are no help whatsoever, although the 10 year old will assist in spider-killing.  (The 13 year old will just run in screeching terror from them.)  What good are having children if they won’t kill spiders for you?  I am seriously thinking of asking for a refund since neither child came with a spider-killing gene.

But I digress.  Here are some photos of the newly drywalled upper floor.  These 2 photos are of the master bedroom and sitting room:

master bedroommaster br sitting room

And here are the kids’ rooms:

kid bedroom #1kid bedroom #2


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