Family Life Merit Badge (aka Cleaning the Basement)

Our fourteen year old son is in Boy Scouts and, as part of the process, has to earn merit badges in a variety of subjects along the way.  (For those of you familiar with Boy Scouts, he is currently a Life Scout with only his camping merit badge and his Eagle Scout project standing in the way of his becoming an Eagle Scout.)

As part of getting the Family Life merit badge, he undertook to clean up the basement.  I do think that a comparison of cleaning up our basement to the Labors of Hercules is not without merit.  Nonetheless, he persevered over an entire Saturday and managed to get it done.

This event is definitely worth celebrating in the family chronicles.  As a result, his proud father put together a slideshow of before and after photos of our basement.  And, naturally, in keeping with the family’s current obsession, set the slideshow to the soundtrack of “Hamilton” (which was nominated for a record 16 Tony awards, but I digress).


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