Cursed in the Blood by Sharan Newman

Cursed in the Blood (Catherine LeVendeur, #5)Cursed in the Blood by Sharan Newman
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I am an avid fan of the Catherine LeVendeur mystery series and have been for years, but I only recently picked it up again with this 5th book of the series. The reason is that some years ago, I had peeked at the last few pages of this book (I know, but I can’t help myself), saw the sad outcome, and decided I didn’t need that type of ending in my reading.
That was several years ago and while I still am not happy about the ending, I am extremely glad that I picked the series up again. I had forgotten how well the author writes, how compelling her storylines are, and how impeccably researched her history is. Together, the three produce a product that is difficult to put down.
What is particularly well done in this series is the author’s depiction of how Jews were treated in the Middle Ages. This is obviously not showing humanity at its finest, but it is a topic that is rarely handled by medieval novelists. The author makes no judgments (medieval anti-Semitism does not translate well to the 21st century) but handles the issue with a factual approach that in no way detracts from the tragedies that ensued. As always with this series, the characters come alive off the page.
If you are a fan of medieval mysteries, I highly recommend this series. They are best read in order so that you get the full depth and nuance of the characters.

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