Chronicles of the Mole Family, Chapter 4

We use propane for our stove (at least, when we had a kitchen), the heating system, and to power the backup generator.  We have 3 large propane tanks that get refilled on a quarterly basis or so.  Apparently, the last time we were scheduled to get our propane tanks refilled, the truck drove by, looked at the chaos that is our house, and (understandably) concluded that no one was living there.  Naturally, we didn’t discover this until Sunday, after a couple of days of sub-freezing temperatures.  The tipoff:  no heat.  (We are clever, aren’t we?)  Our wondrous contractor, Mr. Le, came by with a space heater Sunday morning, which managed to keep the basement heated to about 64 degrees.  And temperatures today will be in the high 40s or low 50s, so it shouldn’t be too bad.  But I am really, really hoping that the propane folks can come by today and refill our tanks.  Heat in January in DC is a good thing!  Or, alternatively, we could move to either California or Hawaii.  (Upside:  warm weather year round.  Downside:  still trying to come up with one.)  🙂

Postscript:  The Suburban Propane guy came around 4:45 yesterday afternoon and filled up the tanks.  He also came downstairs with me to make sure that the pilot light didn’t need to be manually lit and that the heating system kicked back on properly.  It was so very nice of him!!

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