Movie review: Jurassic World

If what you’re looking for is a roller coaster thrill ride of a movie (especially one that contains dinosaurs), “Jurassic World” is the movie for you. For those of you who have seen “Jurassic Park,” the plot will seem hauntingly familiar, but this time, the dinosaurs are bigger, badder, and as one of the characters in the movie says, “ups the wow factor.”

Chris Pratt is an immensely likeable hero in the movie, as are the other main characters. Vincent D’Onofrio must have had great fun playing the anti-hero, but the primary stars in this movie are the dinosaurs.

When our 16 year old daughter saw this movie, she complained that the romance between Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard was particularly unrealistic. My response, “Of all the parts of the movie, that’s what you find most unbelievable?” We agreed instead that the most unrealistic part of the movie was when Bryce Dallas Howard outran a T rex while wearing 3 inch stiletto heels.

The pacing of this movie is terrific, although the plot is less than original, and the thrill ride intent of the movie leaves little time to flesh out the characters in a three dimensional way. It’s also quite violent, with fairly graphic visuals of various humans getting munched by dinosaurs. That being said, our 13 year old son enjoyed it immensely, and even Jim thought it was quite the adrenaline rush of a movie. Our daughter was not impressed, but, then, there was very little angst in the movie for her to gravitate towards.  🙂

We give the movie a (qualified) thumbs up!

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