Chronicles of the Mole Family, Chapter 3

Construction continues to progress nicely.  The goal is to finish the exterior framing by the end of this week, so that weather will not impact the work going forward.  (Of course, if we do have a significant snowstorm, no one is going to be able to get to our house to do any interior work, but I digress.)

Here’s what the house currently looks like on the outside:

Exterior house view


The interior framing continues as well.  Some before and during photos:

Family room below:

family room - before

family room - during


Photos of the study:

study - before

study - during


A photo of what will be a 2 story foyer but is now just looking up into one of the bedrooms:

foyer - during


The Mole Family continues to do well in their subterranean existence.  I was out shopping with our 13 year old daughter and her best friend last Friday.  (Translation:  I drove the girls to the mall and was politely requested to stay as far away from them as possible.)  🙂  Upside:  avoiding the conversation of two 13 year old girls (see dictionary definition for “insipid”) and preserving my hearing by not having to go into stores like Abercrombie & Fitch and American Eagle.

Our 10 year old son got braces yesterday.  It will be a few days of milkshakes and soft foods for him, I’m afraid.  His dinner of choice last night was mint chocolate chip ice cream.  Fortunately, he has a high threshold for pain (unlike the aforementioned 13 year old daughter) so this should be a very temporary state of affairs.

One thought on “Chronicles of the Mole Family, Chapter 3

  1. I am afraid we will be staying the in mole room for a week or so later this month, ha. Hope the bathroom is in good shape. It will be very crowded!
    Good luck.

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