Book review: Smoker by Greg Rucka

SmokerSmoker by Greg Rucka

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“Smoker” is the third book in the Atticus Kodiak series by Greg Rucka. The author has become my favorite author in the thriller genre for his clever plots, well-rounded characters, and lack of overly gratuitous violence (although violence there is–it is the thriller genre, after all).
This book has the cleverest plot of the series, so far. Atticus Kodiak is hired to protect someone with a stalker girlfriend, and through some clever twists and turns, it turns out that that is the least of Atticus’s challenges.
Intertwined with Atticus’s professional bodyguard challenges are his personal challenges with a friend that he’s sleeping with and a love interest that he’s not sleeping with. (Like I said, it’s complicated.) The secondary characters are well-written and interesting. On the other hand, the overall plot stretches credulity a bit, and I’m not a huge fan of making tobacco companies the bad guys, as happens here. But these are minor quibbles, and “Smoker” is a fast and fun read.

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