Thanksgiving 2014

It was a festive Thanksgiving holiday for us. To begin with, it was the first Thanksgiving experience for Yinan, our exchange student. I don’t know if she was amused or appalled by the amount of food served, but she discovered that she loves mashed potatoes (or, as she calls them, “smashed potatoes”).

We had 25 people in total for dinner. We could not have pulled out the dinner without Yinan’s help and the help of Jim’s nephew, Robert.

This was our Thanksgiving menu:

Thai pumpkin soup

Smoked organic free range turkey

smoked turkey

smoked turkey

Roasted organic heritage turkey

roasted turkey

roasted turkey

Fried organic free range turkey

deep fried turkey

deep fried turkey

Honey-baked ham

Roast duck (from Mark’s Duck House)

Roasted shrimp with rosemary


Sweet potatoes

Dinner rolls


Kimchi (no Thanksgiving dinner is complete without it!)


Orange cranberry sauce

Roasted carrots

Mashed potatoes

Brussel sprouts with bacon

Chocolate pumpkin cheesecake

chocolate pumpkin cheesecake

chocolate pumpkin cheesecake

Blackberry pie

blackberry pie

blackberry pie

Apple pie

apple pie

apple pie

I haven’t yet figured out whether we have this many people over for Thanksgiving so that Jim can cook 3 turkeys or whether Jim cooks 3 turkeys so that we can have this many people over.

Hope everyone had as fun a Thanksgiving holiday as we did!

1 thought on “Thanksgiving 2014

  1. Perhaps a bit of both May!!!!!

    It sure looked a fab spread and I’m sure nobody would have gone hungry,
    hope you’re not still eating leftovers 😉


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