Chronicles of the Mole Family, Chapter 2

We got a tour of the structure that’s been framed on the right side of the house over the weekend (I know—it’s kind of strange to get a tour of your own house, but we haven’t wanted to be overly neurotic about the renovation–just normally neurotic).  The 3rd garage bay is in good shape, and the master bedroom, closets, and sitting room have been framed as well.  Actually seeing the new rooms take shape is tremendously exciting, because it makes the whole renovation seem more real, somehow.  The construction is going smoothly and on schedule so far.

You can see the framing for the master bathroom (on the right) and two huge closets in the middle and on the left (yay!–but only one of them is for me):

closets & bathroom

This is the new and improved master bedroom:

master bedroom

They have started the addition on the left side of the house, which will be the new pool table room:

left hand addition

Regarding our living arrangements, we arrived at an additional truth.  You cannot put a wet cast iron pan (no matter how sturdy) on an electric burner.  Apparently, unlike a gas stove, bad things happen when you do that, such as the cast iron pan cracking.  I think Jim would have preferred to lose his left arm rather than the cast iron pan.  It was a sad day for the Lintott family.  🙁


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