Book review: The Sanctity of Hate by Priscilla Royal

Sanctity of Hate (Medieval Mystery, #9)Sanctity of Hate by Priscilla Royal

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I was beyond delighted after finishing “Sanctity of Hate.” I love this series and think very highly of the author, but the past couple of books in this series have been somewhat disappointing. This book, however, returns to the author’s usual high standards of impeccably researched historical detail, quirky, true-to-the-time and thoughtfully drawn characters, and an interesting murder mystery plot. What makes this book especially stand out, however, is the thoughtful portrayal of medieval times and the treatment of Jews during this period. The author does not disguise the truth of the deep and rampant anti-Semitism that existed during the middle ages, but she also puts that anti-Semitism in context in a fair and compassionate way. (And her portrayal of the anti-Semitism prevalent during this time period gives one pause about whether and how far we’ve evolved in our thinking since that time.)
All of the larger social issues are dealt with using a subtle and light hand. There is no preachiness, and the treatment of Jews is dealt with factually and realistically.
I highly recommend this book as a worthy addition to the series. And I absolutely LOVE the ending!

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3 thoughts on “Book review: The Sanctity of Hate by Priscilla Royal

  1. Many thanks, May, for your review and delighted you liked the ending. It was fun to write. As a side note, I was a panel member at the Berkeley Historical Society on Sunday talking about turning family history into mystery. (No, I am not a descendant of my characters!) Geneology really does teach us that history is about family and that events of the past had an effect on people like us. Sometimes I wonder if we would take the lessons of history (like recurrent anti-Semitism and other hate-fueled violence) more seriously if we did relate it to what happened to our families back when. Anyway, hope Covenant with Hell pleases, and I am almost done with Satan’s Lullaby due out in early 2015.

    • Hi, Priscilla–I am having a fandom moment, as the last thing I expected is that you would comment on my blog! Thank you for your kind comments, and I look forward to reading Covenant with Hell and the release of Satan’s Lullaby!!

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