Movie review: Frozen

We all went to watch “Frozen” last night.  “Frozen” is the newest Disney animated movie and is roughly based on “The Snow Queen,” one of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales.

This is definitely one of Disney’s better animated movies (I’m excluding the Pixar movies from this comparison, as that wouldn’t be fair.)  The story is interesting and even has a bit of a plot twist.  The animation, especially of the ice castle, is stunning, and the music is impressive.  Elsa’s character is voiced by Idina Menzel, from the Broadway music, “Wicked.” The relationship between the two sisters, Elsa and Anna, is complex and loving.  Comic relief is provided by a snowman, Olaf, and a reindeer, Sven.  (It is Disney, after all, so look for stuffed Olafs and Svens in a Disney store near you.)

There is also the requisite romance, but since that part of the movie is part of the plot twist, I won’t say anything more.  It is interesting that the narrative arc, while consistent with all other Disney animated movies, is more complex and rich in this movie than is typical.

There is also the requisite tragedy (the death of Bambi’s mother still haunts me decades after seeing the film the first time).  Let’s just say that you shouldn’t get too attached to Elsa and Anna’s parents.

All in the family (including the teenage daughter and the tween son) enthusiastically give “Frozen” a thumbs up!  We highly recommend seeing it!

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